Our work is based on the experience of the clinical laboratory testing of C. trachomatis and C. pneumoniae. The method of testing the antimicrobial effect of various antimicrobial substances (including those not yet used in therapy of chlamydial infections) was developed. The test of reproducibility of the method in our laboratory gives very good results.

Few laboratories have developed the method of testing the effect of antimicrobial substances to CPN in vitro. We are able to offer this service to those who are concerned in development of new antimicrobials with possible effect to CPN.

We are flexible and able to adapt the method to the customer’s needs.

The following services are available:
– testing the sensitivity of CPN strain against broad spectrum of antimicrobial substances
– cytotoxicity test:
HeLa, HEp-2 cell lines
– other services of the tissue culture laboratory


We are very interested in the subject of biology of action on the development of cardiovascular disease and about the basic biology of chlamydial persistence. We offer our practical experience, laboratory background and enthusiasm for work in this area.
Our findings can be helpful in designing treatment regimens for chronic chlamydial infections.